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Walking Along My Path

The Journal of Kier, the Searcher

Kier, the Searcher
6 January 1975
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Thinking too much and not writing enough of it down.

Who am I?

I'm Kier. I'm a Searcher. I'm a storyteller. I'm a bit of a mystic and a bit of realist. I'm here to learn, to help, and, if everything goes well, entertain a little bit.

What is this all about?

This is a journal of a journey. While it's my journey, there are probably some parts that will seem very familiar to you. In here, you'll find stories from my past, introspective moments of the present, and some vague views of the future. I try to keep the truly mundane stuff to a minimum--after all, I don't really care what I ate for breakfast, why should you.

I write for two reasons: Because it helps me work through things and because it may help other people. It is the second of those reasons that makes the first worth the effort.

I encourage comments and dialog in response to the posts. That is how we all grow and learn from one another. That is why we're here.

A handful of what you read here is fed in from other blogs I have.

As of today (30 April 2007) you will find content from:

But I want to know...

Anything else you need to know is either in the posts or just a question away.

See something you like? Want to share it with others? Go ahead! Just be sure to let them know where it came from.

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